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  • You are enough
    Self Love

    Start here: You are enough

    This week is brought to you by the letter C. C stands for cookies as in “Have Your Cookies And Eat Them Too”. What’s that you ask? Well here’s a peek at the intro:  You are enough. You are enough. You are enough. Let me say it…

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  • #thisgirlcan - I swim because I love my body. Not because I hate it.
    Body Positivity, Self Love

    Required Watching: This Girl Can

    Oh, excuse me. Just jumping up and down with excitement over here over how INCREDIBLE this is. Forget Aerie and Darling Magazine’s vows to not photoshop the women in their photos. They choose women that already look like the women in photoshopped campaigns anyways!! No.…

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  • Self Love

    Be who you need most

    Be your own mother. Have patience and understanding. Love yourself unconditionally, despite the ish Nurture and encourage yourself. Read yourself bedtime stories. Be your own lover. Be kind and compassionate. Tell yourself you are beautiful, every day. Write yourself love poems. Buy yourself flowers. Be your own…

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  • Body Positivity, Self Love

    I’m sorry no one told you this

    His voice still echoes through my head. The disgust. The repulsion. His unabashed rejection of my body. He probably doesn’t see it that way, yet the cruel words still slash at my self-esteem more than a year later. Sometimes, if I look down at my little…

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