The Digging In Workshop

You know diets don’t work, but you don’t know what else there is.


You don’t know what your options are. Maybe you’re even still using a few cobbled together tactics from past diets to create a new healthy lifestyle.

We need to talk…

Here’s the deal:

You + me + 50 minutes talking all about where you’re stuck and how we can lay down some beginning steps to get you on track to making empowered health-related decisions.

This call is completely free. No pitch, no upsell and no pressure – I promise.

This is about getting you started on the path to becoming your own damn guru. No more diets from celebrities or extreme workout plans that feel more like torture.


What you’ll get:

  • 50 minutes that are all about you. You get to vent, you get to be honest and you get to take the weight off your shoulders. No judgment, no rules, and no pressure. Chances are I’ve been in your shoes too. So let’s figure this out together.
  • A customized guide with meal suggestions, homework and resources all specifically curated to your unique concerns.


What I get in return:

  • First of all 50 minutes talking to you! I love connecting with others and getting to know them on a deeper level than the usual “how’s the weather” convos.
  • But more specifically by spending 50 minutes together going over where you feel most stuck and how we can help you begin to make healthy progress you give me unique insight into the core of battling diet culture.
  • By taking time to chat with me you’ll also help me figure out how to strategically craft my education as I pursue becoming a dietitian to best serve others like you


Let’s talk about how we can begin to make the first steps towards your healthier lifestyle together.