When You Aren't What You Eat

Ice_cream_sundae wooaah
Ice_cream_sundae wooaah
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Hi, I'm Meaghan and I'm a fun food addict. I am the girl throwing birthday cake flavored Oreos in the cart, wishing Dunkaroos still existed, and oooh are those Spaghetti-os shaped like Spiderman?! I’ll ask the waitress for my dessert as an appetizer and I am not above eating a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.

You might just think I have the food palette of a 5-year-old, but what all these things incite in me is a flood of FUN, WHIMSY, and DELIGHT. And if you are even a tiny bit familiar with what I am talking about, then maybe you also know these foods almost never leave you feeling that way.

hot fudge sundae quote
hot fudge sundae quote

Ta-ruuuuttth, girl. The next time this sudden “oh gimme” urge pops up I dare you to take an extra minute and sit with it. Ask yourself “Do I want this because it will be delicious and nourishing or because it is fun and exciting?" You will quickly discover it is the former time and time again.

Food itself will not make your life more delightful, whimsical or fun. The only thing a cupcake with rainbow sprinkles will do for you is take up some real estate in your stomach and probably leave you sugar high.

To create a fun, whimsical life filled with fun and joy we need to seek out experiences and relationships that build us up. Not sugar soaked in food coloring that leaves us feeling weighed down and jittery.

The next time you feel tempted to choose food to add happiness to your life try these things instead:

  • swing on a swingset
  • go for a walk in the woods
  • pull out your paint set and create something beautiful
  • grab your friends for an impromptu adventure
  • open a fresh page in your notebook and write a story
  • take a class ( Groupon is great for finding new things to try on the cheap)
  • learn a new skill, you can learn anything on Youtube these days
  • have a dance party in your bedroom
  • load up on bath fizzies and have a luxurious bath
  • paint your nails in bright colors, bonus points if you choose a top coat with confetti flecks
  • dye your hair a new color
  • try a DIY craft off of Pinterest
  • have a water gun fight
  • hula hoop! practice some tricks like bringing it up over your head
  • set a new record playing Skip-It

You still have your Skip-It right?

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Meaghan Gallant Signature
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