6 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


I'm sure you've heard about body positivity by now. It's kind of having a moment. But maybe you aren't too sure what exactly it is, or you aren't so sure if you're doing it "right" or maybe just need to add some variation to your feed for the better to even out all those stylized accounts. Well, have no fear! Today I've got six accounts for you to follow and fawn over. The best part is these accounts are more than just pretty pictures, they always share valuable insights and honest thoughts along the way.

 Anastasia Amour - I've been following Anastasia for a while and she is just brilliant. As an eating disorder survivor, she openly shares about her own journey to learning to love and care for herself alongside science-backed facts and calling out other people's bullshit.


Megan of BodyPosiPanda - Megan is another eating disorder survivor who openly shares about her recovery process, dispels myths about what a good body looks like, and shares quirky and uplifting memes from around the web.


Jes of the Militant Baker - I first found out about Jes through her book Things Nobody Tells Fat Girls, which I highly recommend for everyone to read regardless of what body size you identify as. There is so much wisdom packed into those pages that pertain not only to accepting your body and living in a fat-phobic world but also a healthy dose of tips on mental health. I recommend getting a paperback, because you are going to want to take notes.


Virgie Tovar - I first learned about Virgie through Jes Baker's book and looked her up immediately because Jes spoke so highly of her. Virgie has great style and a spot-on sense of humor that will brighten up your feed for sure!


Lauren Fleming's Bawdy Love - Loads of body lovin' inspiration is guaranteed to be found within Bawdy Love's feed. A compilation of regrams from real women and uplifting words, this is one feed you won't want to skip.


All Bodies Rise Yoga - All of the accounts mentioned support more than just size diversity, but I think All Bodies Rise promotes all-inclusivity the most consistently. Another compilation feed featuring meme's and regrams of real women that will leave you feeling a part of a larger community fighting for the right to feel like each and every one of us belongs here on this earth.


Who are your favorite Instagrammers to follow to break up the stylized monotony of your feed? Share below so we can all follow along too!