Do you really believe healthy is the new skinny?

I love the new healthy is the new skinny mindset that's been making its way around the internet. Yes, it can be problematic by suggesting that if you are skinny you aren't healthy (which is not necessarily true!) but deep down what the message is really trying to say is "I want to be healthy" is a better goal to set than "I want to be skinny". Ninety percent of the women I've worked with really resonate with this message. They don't want to be a certain pant size and they don't want legs like this celebrity or arms like that one. Which is fantastic! But here's where I find these women stumble: they want this healthy mindset, but they go about old get thin quick methods to attain it.

They count calories. They want the scale to spit back a certain number they've decided should be their healthy weight. They want their "old body" back, maybe even the one they "had" in high school. They request a meal plan. They seek out eating rules and restrictions.

But none of those things can measure how you FEEL. They can't help you determine if you feel great or like shit. They don't leave room for you to tune in and listen to your body's cues. They don't teach you what works best for YOUR body.

What works for one person, won't necessarily work for another. That's why there are so many different types of diets out there, and also why so many people thrive on them and others don't do well at all. You are unique, your body has it's own set of requirements and like it or not, you don't get to decide what they are...your body does.

Take 20 minutes to sit down and really analyze what feeling healthy means to you. Are you unconsciously sticking a new label onto old habits? Deep down do you still feel like you should lose weight, need to fit into a pair of jeans that haven't fit in years, should be eating a certain way or have to complete the (insane) training program everyone else is on? None of those things can determine your level of health!

However, if healthy for you means things like: eating in a way that leaves you energetic throughout out the day, developing a loving relationship with your body, lowering your risk for disease or the ability to run after your niece/nephew without having to stop and catch your breath so often. You're on the right track!

Here are 3 tips to help you feel healthier in a way that also leaves you feeling good at the end of the day, every day:

1. Keep a different kind of food diary. Track cravings and how you feel before and after a meal. If the temptation is too great to add in calorie counts or track good vs. bad days, skip this step!

2. Change up your eating habits by focusing on what you can add in instead of what should be taken away. Add in things like veggies and water to crowd out foods that don't leave you feeling so hot.

3. Learn to switch up your thinking when it comes to food, eliminate the idea of "bad foods" or feeling as if you're a failure for having a less than ideal meal. After all, mealtime isn't a test!

You know what they say! "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels as a donut!"

Meaghan Gallant Signature
Meaghan Gallant Signature