For the love of chocolate, please stop refreshing your FB feed & read this

heels on sidewalk
heels on sidewalk

You're meal planning like a mofo, showing up to 90-minute classes to bust your ass daily, and you work full time & manage to never, ever miss a night out with the girls.

Oh. Wait. No, that's not you... That's Miss. Priss (I'm sure she's actually lovely) on FB keeping you constantly in the loop on her unlimited amounts of perfection. I mean how the eff are her teeth so white when she's posting a pic of her coffee every morning? (she's gotta be using an app right?) and how did she even get on your feed in the first place? You never even said two words to each other...

With every status she posts your confidence takes two staggering steps back. And right when you were riding that wave of exhilaration that you haven't managed to spill a single ounce of food on your shirt all week. Damn. She really knows how to bring out the green eyed monster in you. Girl, I so feel you.

But let me ask you a question.

Is her life what you actually want for yourself? Or on deeper introspection are you just envious of the fact that she (seemingly) has her shit together? That everything seems to have come together so easily and flawlessly for her while you're flailing around trying to keep all your ducks in a row?

Hmm...what do you think? I have a feeling I might've just hit the nail on the head.

She might have a six pack, brand new car and gaggle of BBFL's, but you?

You have ice cream. Ha! But seriously. You have big dreams, like big, big. Right? You have passion and wit. You have an open mind that fully embraces the off beaten path. And that path? It takes a lot longer to walk, it's a little overgrown but it's a heck of a lot more scenic, isn't it?

So, what if you decided to dedicate more time to taking it all in and appreciating your own journey? What if you stopped to take pictures of the beautiful moments in your own life that this path has given you? Not necessarily to share with others, but to add to a file for yourself to keep stock of how far you've come. To take note of the tough, but soul expanding lessons your learning. Of the happy moments, the huge wins and the times you can't help but squeal "OMG I can't believe this is actually happening to me!". A success journal to flick through when you're feeling down on yourself and tempted to compare yourself to others.

Whether it's a beautiful physical notebook with a ribbon bookmark or a quick file in Evernote, I dare you to try it for a couple months and see if you don't feel that much better.


You're further ahead then you think,

P.S. Do your self a favor and unfriend that person, and anyone else that doesn't add value to your Facebook feed for that matter. 

Self LoveMeaghan Gallant