Steal These 8 Picky Eater Tips For Kids (I Won't Tell)

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I've gotten quite a few questions from people who want to know what to eat when they just don't like fruits or vegetables. When putting together this article I hopped over to le Google to see what other people have shared for tips, and instead found a handful of articles making fun of Picky Eater Adults or PEAs (which honestly is the cutest acronym). This made me super sad, tearing others down is never cool. If you consider french fries and pizza sauce your daily vegetable but WANT to try more foods this article is for you. I've scoured the web for the best picky eater tips for kids and compiled them into a relevant master list for picky adults. Animal shaped sandwiches are optional.

1. Try new foods multiple times before condemning them. Each time cook them using different techniques and in different dishes. Different cooking techniques can really bring out different flavors within a food. Also, this doesn't mean you need to eat a food 12 nights in a row! Mix things up every once in a while. Perhaps dedicate one night a week to trying a new food.

2. Keep snackable fruits and veggies on hand. Place a bowl of fruit on a counter and have precut veggies and fruit ready to go in the fridge. I've noticed a lot of the picky eaters I know seem to get worked up over trying new things. Make it EASY for yourself, taking all the brain work out of it makes it less of an ordeal to try something new.

3. Try raw veggies with dip. Whether that's something like ranch, buffalo or honey mustard. And if you like hummus or tahini those are also great options for dipping veggies. For fruit, try yogurt or a nut butter.

4. Add veggies into things like burritos, wraps, sandwiches or pockets. You don't need to load up on veggies you wouldn't normally eat. Put in ones you already like with one new addition.

5. Try box pureed veggie soup over rice or pasta as a sauce. You can mix some milk into the soup to make it thicker.

6. Slip a fruit or veggie into a meal you already like. Some examples: homemade pizza, pasta, vegetable fried rice, a frittata, shepherds pie, muffins, pancakes or a smoothie.

7. Try similar foods to those you already like. If you like raw vegetables, try others raw. If you like fries, try veggies cooked as fries. There are recipes to make cauliflower taste like chicken nuggets and if you're a burger gal swap out iceberg lettuce on top for baby spinach. You could even get crazy and have a mushroom burger. If you like pickles, try other veggies pickled!

8. And lastly, there are some brands that add veggies into their products. For example, try the Garden Delight pasta or Fruitables juice boxes.

I'm going to be putting together a compilation post of recipes for picky eaters. What's one fruit or vegetable you would love to work into your day to day meals?

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Super helpful - Her whole website is seriously fabulous, and if you have children that are picky eaters this is an overall fantastic resource - this article on healthy food options for fussy eaters has lots of great tips