Take A Bite: Quit Dieting For Good


Take A Bite is a series here on Invoking Joy where I share links from around the web that relate to the most recent article. At the beginning of September. I talked about the common mistakes people make when pursuing their health goals. The truth of the matter is that many of these mistakes stem from diet culture. And so this week, I’m sharing some articles that I hope help you to look at your well-intentioned health behaviors through a different lens to identify which are helpful and which are actually toxic.

Let's face it "clean eating" doesn't really mean anything. It can mean whatever you want it to, it all comes down to which foods you choose to deem as "good" and "bad".  The Clean Eating Delusion

BMI just isn't a good measure of a person's health

Related: Being overweight won't necessarily make you unhealthy but feeling bad about it will

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Two articles from Jennifer Rollin over on Huffpost:

Why you don't need to fear carbs

And why you don't need to quit sugar