Wellness is not a number. So why are you still counting?

miniature confetti cake
miniature confetti cake
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So often when asking women what their goals are I hear a lot of “I just want to feel healthy, I don’t care about the weight. I want to focus on feeling strong/vibrant/energetic”. Which I LOVE to hear, however, I’ve noticed a huge disconnect.

I have found that these women are embracing the new #healthyisthenewskinny culture. Yet they are still relying on old methods to get there. We are caught in this transition where the positive words have sunk in, but the tools are hard to find.

And maybe that’s because you can’t quite package up feelings and intuition in a kit for the low, low price of $29.99 the same way you can for a couple of glorified rubber bands and a DVD. We love the idea of ditching body hate and shame. It is freeing and a breath of fresh air after years of trying to hate our bodies into change. But we don’t know how to go about making change happen in any other way. We’re left stuck in that rhythm of reaching for Bikini Blast Infinity after an especially indulgent week.

Diets and weight loss gimmicks are built on tracking weight and calories. Here’s the thing: pounds and calories are numeric measurements. And numbers can’t measure how you feel. So if you’re goal is to feel healthy, vibrant or strong you are going to need some different tools.

A great place to start is with intuitive eating, which focuses on listening to what you’re body has to say instead of the scale. When we focus on what our body is telling us instead of “the experts” we learn what we need most. Sometimes what you need most is a huge bowl of salad, and sometimes you need something a little more warm and comforting. A great way to tune into your body’s cues is to start a food journal. Keeping track of things like: how you expect a meal to make you feel, how you feel while eating it, and what you feel afterward. These are a great way to start picking up on patterns of what works best for you and what doesn’t.

Moving your body from a place of love and appreciation instead of hatred and revulsion. Exercise doesn’t need to be a punishment and it doesn’t always have to mean running and weightlifting. The important thing is to just get up and get moving. That can look something like a peaceful walk after work or a relaxing yoga session to start your day. It could also be a pole class, kick boxing lesson or some laps in the pool. Get creative: think back to what you most loved to do as a kid or try something completely new!

I’ve been working on a sweet little something I’m calling Deliciously In Control. This baby is a mega guide packed with info & worksheets on how to practice intuitive eating every day. It shows you how to put a stop to emotional eating without driving yourself insane. It will be available this month so keep an eye out for the release date! If you sign up for the newsletter below you can be the first to know when it’s up in the shop!

Does the name Bikini Blast Infinity crack you up as much as it does for me?

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