Why You Aren't Making Progress On Your Health Goals

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Today I want to give you permission to let your inner Jillian Michaels take a break. She’s been on your back for years without anything to show for it, except a lower self-esteem and a track record full of sharp peaks and valleys.

Let’s smooth out those progress lines into something less hectic... like smooth rolling hills. The climb will be less work and the fall less of a shock.

A different approach 

Instead, we need to approach how you motivate yourself with a new mindset. One that leaves room for day to day life instead of the stiff, rigid structure you’ve become accustomed to squeezing yourself into.

Remember back in 6th-grade science class when you learned about earthquakes? And they would show side by side images of a rigid structure next to one designed to move.

Which one stays standing when the aftershock has passed?

Yup, the building built to move with the rippling waves of seismic shock.

Because it’s designed to stand well on its own during the usual day to day routines AND when things, quite literally, get shaken up.

So which building are you when things don’t go as planned? When something unexpected comes straight out of left field?

Why you aren't making progress

So if you are used to setting new health/fitness goals and “falling off the wagon” chances are you’ve come to almost expect a failing point. You’re already braced for the impact, holding your breath for the inevitable. You’re waiting to crumble from the shock.

We need to tackle this mindset before jumping into #allthenewhabits. We need to build up a strong foundation of small wins to build a sense of accomplishments
And you can start by gifting yourself those small wins. Go ahead and give yourself a participation trophy (entitled millennial tropes be damned).

For getting out of bed, for flossing your teeth, for eating one serving of veggies today, for putting your gym sneakers on...even if you didn’t actually make it to the gym.

Small steps count the most because they are what add up to seemingly large strides.

So what small wins can you celebrate today?  

Why You Aren't Making Progress On Your Health Goals invoking joy pintereest