Wondering what you should be eating? Read this.

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If you've been around here for a while (and kudos to you if you have!) you may remember my somewhat sassy answer to this very question. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch that here.

But today I want to go a little deeper into this question. Here's the thing: there is no definitive way that you should eat. Everybody has a different body, we all require different things and by learning to listen to your body, you can tune in and figure out what your specific needs are.

Become your own expert on your body. If you take the time to figure this out now, you'll save yourself so much time, money and stress in the long run instead of trying to find the right diet someone else has written for you to follow. It takes time and effort to learn new diet rules and prepare the meals according to the guidelines, to count calories or points and constantly monitor the scale. It costs money to buy the books or program, to toss out half your kitchen because it's on the no list, and replace them with a bunch of foods, which honestly from my experience, you'll touch maybe once. You won't feel guilty for tossing out half your kitchen (what a waste), dread cooking dinner because you hate the food on the plan (you're allowed to enjoy the food you eat!) or "binge" on food from the no list (because there won't be a no list).

You won't feel guilty for tossing out half your kitchen (what a waste). You won't dread cooking dinner because you hate the food on the plan (you should enjoy the food you eat). Plus, you don't have to worry about "binging" on food from the no list (there won't be a no list).

Start with the basics. You already know what they are: lots of veggies, a piece or two of fruit, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and lots and lots of water.

Then tweak from there. What kind of vegetables do you love, which meals leave you feeling better after you eat them? Do you do better with a light breakfast or something with more substance to it? A big or small lunch? Dinner? Cooked veggies or raw, beans or meat, oatmeal or fruit and nuts. The key here is to experiment and take notes on what your body is telling you.

Before long, you won't have to think about it as much. You will fall into a flow with your eating habits and they will be ones that leave you feeling great. You'll feel confident in your abilities to decipher your body's cues and will no longer need to grasp at straws a.k.a. fad diets to figure out what you should eat.

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