The Creating Habits Workbook


The Creating Habits Workbook.png

Inside you'll learn:

  • What a minimum viable habit is and why there is nothing mini about its impact

  • How to discover the Why behind your habit and why you need to know it

  • How to create meaningful goals not just those should-do goals everyone else is chasing

  • Ways to plan ahead for any hiccups & setbacks because, like it or not, life happens 


In The Creating Habits Workbook you will learn a repeatable process that's literally rinse, wash, and repeat for anything you can think of. This is a must-have tool in your self-care kit that you can literally use for the rest of, well... forever.

Inside you'll learn how to create meaningful goals with a solid Why (and why these are so critical to goal setting). say goodbye to expensive, extreme "programs" that bully and push you to overload your schedule with should-do habits.

These are skills that put you in the drivers seat to create sustainable changes that fit your life. No more trying to fit in a box built by someone else for their own needs.