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The Militant Baker | Jes Baker

Virgie Tovar

Dances With Fat | Ragen Chastain

The Anti-Diet Project | Kelsey Miller

Isabel Foxen Duke

Linda Bacon

Everyday Feminism

That Hummingbird Life | Meg Kissack

The Body Is Not An Apology

Christy Harrison

Sarah Vance

Quack Watch

Science-Based Pharmacy

The Joy Junkie

Christine Arylo

Yoga With Adriene


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Frances Cannon

Emily Contois

Totally Mental

Minimalist Baker

Sarah Vance

The Mindful Dietitian

Virgie Tovar

Christy Harrison

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Brene Brown

Choosing Me Before We

Women, Food and God

Things No One Tells Fat Girls

Furiously Happy

What's Wrong With Fat?



Food Psych


The Joy Junkie Show